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3.5.2 | 1v1 Tournament


Hello minelink! I hope everyone’s doing well and keeping it together through everything that’s happening right now. I know school and real life can be tough, and what better way to escape from your real world problems than to beat someone up in minecraft! That being said, I will be hosting a 1v1 tournament Saturday, May 30th at 5pm EST.

How will this work?

This event will be a standard tournament bracket set-up. The bracket will be dependent on the number of players who have signed up. The event will run from beginning to end in one day. The amount of time it'll take will vary depending on how long people take to finish matches. You will need to be there when your match occurs or you will be automatically disqualified. Hacking or cheating in any way will...
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3.5.1 | Skyblock Spleef Event!

Hello Minelink! It's been quite some time since there has been a server hosted event, I also know we’ve had some downtime recently and everything has been hectic due to Corona, so to kinda lighten the mood there is going to be a Spleef Event held on the Skyblock server.

The event time is going to be Sunday, May 10th at 5pm EST!

How will it work?

Spleef is an event where players are on a platform and need to mine the blocks under one the other player to make them fall off. This event is going to have an arena with one layer of snow, the last man standing wins.

The spleef is going to be a 1v1 event where we will have multiple rounds (like how a 1v1 tournament is set up).

How do I...
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Hey everyone!

Happy New Years!

To start off the new decade, staff applications are now open! Staff applications will remain open until January 24th at 11:59 PM EST. If there are any questions about staff applications feel free to post them below. Good luck to all those applying!

Apply here!
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2.12.15 | December 2019 Factions Reset

Factions will be resetting on Friday, December 27th at 4PM EST.
Count down link: https://itsalmo.st/ml-fac-reset-ytoz



New Spawn
We will be introducing a new spawn build for the Factions reset!

Sugar Cane Economy

All players...
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2.12.14 | 12 Days of Christmas - Free Christmas Tag

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas on Minelink! Today is the final day of these holiday events. Join the Free Christmas Tag event on December 24th at 4 pm EST on the server of your choosing!

How will this work?
Everyone online at 4 pm EST will get a Christmas Tag. You will not get a tag if it's on a server where tags don't exist. As long as you are online at 4 pm EST, you will receive a tag. If you miss the drop, you're out of luck.

How do I attend?
Log onto the server of your choosing and don't log off until you receive a tag. If it's 4:05 pm EST and you didn't get a tag, then...