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by kyle5953c at 8:51 PM
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I will be holding a survival PvP event on March 3rd at 11am to 4pm eastern standard time. There will be 4 different types of PvPing that will be held during this event.

For all the different types: everyone goes to the arena spectating area and get ready to fight. After 5 minutes of getting ready for the fight, the only commands available will be /msg and /r.

  1. Hardcore Item Collector: Every person will be given an item to hold and then everyone will be dropped into the arena. After a given amount of time, the one who has the most items left wins the event. The arena has been designed to be a hide-and-seek type of arena with many caves to hide in. Once you die in the arena you cannot rejoin, as this is the hardcore mode of this event. If this event goes well, it might be changed to allow everyone to enter it.
  2. Skull: They will be dropped into the arena as will an item that will be spawned in, which will be the...
by AsianDude1 at 7:08 PM
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Applications have now been reopened for the next 2 weeks! We have some updates as well for this new application period! Within the staff application template I have underlined all new/updated requirements.
  • Each player is now only allowed 1 application per application period. You will not receive a response from a SrMod+ about your application until the application period is over. Any applications posted past the first will be deleted by a staff member. If you need to make adjustments to your application please use the edit feature. I recommend reading the comments given from other players as to how you could possibly improve your application and edit your application to improve it. Keep in mind not all recommendations by players/staff will be a "good" recommendation for improvement. Use your own judgement as to if you think it will actually improve your application or not....
by Aigar at 5:50 PM
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We've got some amazing updates coming up, but first here's an over view of some of latest updates.

We released a new version of SkyBlock called OPSkyBlock. This gamemode has proven to be very popular over the last few weeks, here's some of the features that make it different to regular SkyBlock:

  • FREE /fly for everyone.
  • Item Generator Chests - These are chests that you can buy with in-game cash from /shop
    • [​IMG]
    • You can buy the following Item Generator Chests:
      • ...
by Aigar at 10:02 AM
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This is the first big update of the year and we're starting off with a new gamemode and some exciting updates!

Survival has always been popular and we felt we could add a new twist to the game while keeping the same awesome experience! OP Survival is OP and different to Survival because it has an inflated economy and resources are easier to obtain. Here are the other differences:

  • FREE /fly for everyone.
  • Custom Enchants - This will add a new aspect to OP Survival and allow you to unlock new enchantments and abilities! To get custom enchants you need EXP which you can unlock by grinding.
    • [​IMG]
    • Access the enchants menu with /ce or /enchanter
  • EXP Boosters - You can buy EXP Boosters in-game with...
by Aigar at 10:38 PM
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The team at Minelink wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! To celebrate this festive period, we have some special announcements and events!

Ban List Reset
The first ban wipe did not go as planned therefore now seems like the best time to do it properly. All players have been unbanned except for extreme rule breakers and users that have filed chargebacks.

Reports and ban history has also been reset. Welcome back to anyone banned!

We have implemented a FREE kit for everyone to use on ALL gamemodes with kits except for kitpvp/oppvp. All you have to do is login and type /kit xmas

Preview the kit


The kit is really...