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by Shrimpay at 7:42 PM
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Good evening Minelink,

A special thank you to all of the players who continuously vote for Minelink whether you've made the top 10 or not. Players like you who always take time out of their day to help promote Minelink allow for more competition on the server you love. With that being said, the in-game voting rewards are being looked at for the upcoming reset to reward those who regularly vote.

Without further ado here is your 2017 starting lineup for the month:


As a thank you to all those who voted during the month of May, we will be rewarding every one of the top 10 voters with a Buycraft coupon.
  1. $50
  2. $35
  3. $20
The remaining 7 top voters will receive a $10 Buycraft coupon.

by Shrimpay at 12:11 AM
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Are you tired of messaging helpers/admins in-game and getting no response because they are too busy? Well now you can do the same thing, but on Discord!

If you're not aware, Discord is a free app specifically designed for gamers. It's a combination of everything you love about TeamSpeak and Skype as it allows you to easily swap between text and voice communications. It has a very friendly UI, and is available on Windows and Mac. You can also customize notifications on your mobile device so that you are only notified when you are mentioned in a conversation.

To join the server, click here.

Discord Rules
  • All global rules of the server apply
  • Don't spam chat
  • Don't disrespect staff
  • English only in text channels
  • Don't advertise unrelated servers/channels
  • Don't post inappropriate...
by Byteflux at 4:09 PM
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Sorry for the late announcement, though nobody seemed to really mind! :cool:

As always I'm grateful to all of our loyal voters who help promote the server and I want to let you know that I'm hoping to mix things up starting next month with the voting rewards, because I think we can all agree the current rewards have gotten boring.

For now, here are the top voters for April:


The top 3 voters will receive the following amounts in Buycraft credit:
  1. $50
  2. $35
  3. $20
The top 4-10 will receive $10 in Buycraft credit.

If you are one of the top 10, contact me directly on the forums to redeem your credit!
by RXIAH at 10:31 AM
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Hello, Minelink it's that time of the month! No no... not that time of the month. We're sorry for the event hiatus we had but there were some unseen issues that we had to deal with. Nevertheless, we're back with another event! All the Events so far have been PvP orientated so we thought we would switch it up a little. The aim of the game in this event (if you don't already know) is to ultimately be the first to cannon the base and stop the enemies from also doing so.

When?: This event will take place at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST on the 6th of May

Where?: This event will take place in another world on /factions that you will have access to warp to.

Extra Information: The base will consist of 60 walls in total, varying from filters to sand walls. There will be the main base, and 4 smaller loot vaults around the corners, which will be for smaller...
by Byteflux at 10:03 PM
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I just wanted to check in with a rather big change to our ban and mute policy.

Permanent bans and mutes have been reduced to temporary punishments for all offenses, except in cases of extremely severe violations such as DDoS threats and doxing.

Long bans range from 30 day to 60 and 90 day bans. Mutes can be as long as 30 days. Since most bans and mutes will no longer be permanent, we will now allow appeals for temporary punishments.

The anti-cheat will now issue 90 day bans against detected cheaters. These bans can be reduced (or lifted) through honest appeals. Lying will get you nowhere.

At the time of writing this, 4567 bans older than 90 days and 1100 mutes older than 30 days have been lifted. Old punishments will be actively purged on a daily basis.

Lastly, in order to make staff's job easier when determining the appropriate punishment for a violation, we will be wiping past offenses from peoples' ban and mute history at the start of every new map. We...