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by Aigar at 5:50 PM
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We've got some amazing updates coming up, but first here's an over view of some of latest updates.

We released a new version of SkyBlock called OPSkyBlock. This gamemode has proven to be very popular over the last few weeks, here's some of the features that make it different to regular SkyBlock:

  • FREE /fly for everyone.
  • Item Generator Chests - These are chests that you can buy with in-game cash from /shop
    • [​IMG]
    • You can buy the following Item Generator Chests:
      • ...
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This is the first big update of the year and we're starting off with a new gamemode and some exciting updates!

Survival has always been popular and we felt we could add a new twist to the game while keeping the same awesome experience! OP Survival is OP and different to Survival because it has an inflated economy and resources are easier to obtain. Here are the other differences:

  • FREE /fly for everyone.
  • Custom Enchants - This will add a new aspect to OP Survival and allow you to unlock new enchantments and abilities! To get custom enchants you need EXP which you can unlock by grinding.
    • [​IMG]
    • Access the enchants menu with /ce or /enchanter
  • EXP Boosters - You can buy EXP Boosters in-game with...
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The team at Minelink wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! To celebrate this festive period, we have some special announcements and events!

Ban List Reset
The first ban wipe did not go as planned therefore now seems like the best time to do it properly. All players have been unbanned except for extreme rule breakers and users that have filed chargebacks.

Reports and ban history has also been reset. Welcome back to anyone banned!

We have implemented a FREE kit for everyone to use on ALL gamemodes with kits except for kitpvp/oppvp. All you have to do is login and type /kit xmas

Preview the kit


The kit is really...
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We will be switching up how applications run. Application will now follow the pattern of opening for a 2 week period then closing for 2 months and repeating. Everyone will be informed via forum announcement if something major happens with the staff application process. No one will be able to post anymore applications past December 17th at 12AM EST. If any application is posted past that time they will automatically be denied. All other applications that are up will remain up until accepted/denied which everything will happen before the next application period. The ability to reply to the applications will remain open indefinitely so players can continue to give constructive feedback and opinions on staff applicants. Applications will reopen on February 17th. Anyone who hasn't applied yet who is still thinking of being staff and fit all the requirements to be staff should apply now. If anyone has any questions about anything involving applications, feel...
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Post reset Factions/OPFactions Updates
Since the reset we've been attending to issues and suggestions post reset, you can find some of them in the shout-box. Some include re-enabling the anti-cheat and fixing issues with it, fixing configuration issues on Factions2/OPFactions and more.

Please continue to report bugs and issues and be patient with us as we are not finished yet.

Grace period is over!

As you know, there was a 7 day grace period where TnT and Creeper Eggs were disabled so that factions could prepare their bases for battle! This grace period is now over and raiding is enabled!

This means creeper eggs and TnT is working. Happy raiding!

Factions Diamond Season 6 Map Winners & Prizes

The winners of the last map...