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by Byteflux at 12:06 PM
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PVP arena has always been one of the most requested features since the launch of Hybrid Cannon. Now you can enjoy 5 different arenas each of which offer a 128x128 battlefield with naturalistic terrain.

How to join or leave an arena:

/arena join or /arena j: Joins an arena and starts once there are 2 people queued up
/arena j <arena>: Same as above but joins a specific arena
/arena leave or /arena l: Leave arena match or remove yourself from queue
/arena duel <player>: Challenge a player to a unrated duel
/arena duel <player> wager=<money>: Challenge a player to an unrated duel with a bet

The 5 different arenas are:




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There is a known glitch with certain transparent blocks, such as Glowstone, Redstone Blocks and TNT that allow them to be exploited to achieve an X-ray effect in-game without the use of a a texture pack or client mod.

I've just finished updating HCGuard, our custom anti-cheat plugin to automatically detect people trying to use these blocks to X-ray. Upon detection, the block in question will be removed.

Obviously X-ray texture packs and client mods will still be an issue, but we use LogBlock to identify these situations so if you encounter suspicious X-ray tunnels please don't hesitate to notify the server staff.
by Byteflux at 10:15 AM
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Good day!

Just checking in with a small but incredibly useful update. Recently I just finished developing a new plugin called HCChat which is some extended chat features specific to Hybrid Cannon.

Today's new feature is /global.


This command will mute your global chat allowing you to do away with all the clutter from chat. Server messages along with faction/ally chat will continue to show regardless.

I hope this new feature will reduce some of your chat related stress and make your in-game experience more tolerable during times of bad trolling and terrible shit talking.
by Byteflux at 12:28 PM
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Hello friends,

I wanted let everyone know that we've rolled out a couple awesome new features today. The best way to explain it is to probably show it.

First I want to introduce my favorite new feature, which is highly experimental and might disappear depending on how it performs.


If you can't figure out what that scoreboard represents, it's the number of remaining CombatTag seconds of you and anyone near you in a 10 block radius.

Now, you will be able to know exactly how much time you have remaining without having to stop and type /ct which could be extremely detrimental in a PVP situation.

For anyone unaware, CombatTag is a third-party plugin we use to prevent players from PVP logging. If you log off while combat tagged, your body remains in-game until you log back in (allowing players to kill you).

The next awesome new feature I want to introduce are the new kill messages:...
by Byteflux at 1:34 AM
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As promised, here's a more formal announcement of our Helper selection.

RagingDouche and I have carefully gone through all the applications and have selected a few awesome candidates to become Helpers.

A relatively new player to the server but has already contributed much and continues to do so. His in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics and general friendliness makes him a well suited candidate.

Although young, Tibbers is more mature than most adults I know. She has a good sense of ethics, is probably too friendly and has been with us from the very establishment of the server. Her willingness to help and outgoing attitude will be a great asset.

Almost always the first one to welcome a new player, Jenna is probably one of the most friendly people on the server. She has pretty much been a voluntary Helper since the moment she joined. As nice and helpful as...