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by Byteflux at 3:30 PM
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Recently there's been a lot of complaints regarding ender pearls and their use both in and out of WarZone. Having observed many of these scenarios we tend to agree that pearls still need some further nerfing.

From now on the use of ender pearls is disabled while under the effects of Bleed. Escaping from a fight will depend more on your ability to know when to run. If you can run and survive the bleed duration you can hopefully pearl to safety, but it is our intention to make it difficult to escape from a fight once you've committed yourself.

Continuing on the previous sentiment, we've also nerfed bows such that self inflicted bow damage will also inflict upon you a Blindness that lasts 10 seconds. This will effectively restrict the use of bows as a means of travel.

We hope these changes add more balance to your PVP experience.
by Byteflux at 11:22 AM
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Just checking in with a small update to our Factions plugin.

We've added the player's power next to their name in the faction info, also the faction role and title have been highlighted gray and dark gray to draw more attention and also blend in less with the player's name.

by Byteflux at 2:08 PM
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We are imposing a 20 chunk buffer limit to all faction claims. This means that from the center of your base, you may not have more than 20 consecutive claims that would require people to cannon from over 20 chunks away.

Unofficially this has sort of always been the case, now we're making it official. Please bring to the attention of myself or RagingDouche any excessive buffer claims, but as far as we're aware this currently does not affect anyone.
by Byteflux at 4:12 AM
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There was an incident recently between two factions started by an outsider using a glitch to accept teleport requests into enemy land.

From now on, teleports into neutral or enemy land will be automatically blocked except when:
  1. It is a party teleport (using the /ptp command)
  2. and the person accepting the party teleport (whoever is doing /ptp accept) must have one of these relationships with the target faction land:
    • is in the faction
    • is an ally
    • is truced
This effectively means that even if people have a home set inside of your base, they can't go back to it unless they're allied, truced, or someone else who is allied/truced or in your faction accepts a party teleport.

These changes should stop a handful of teleport glitches while still allowing for inside raids through betrayal. Oh, and party teleport cooldowns have been reduced from 2 minutes to 30...
by Byteflux at 11:58 AM
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As you may know, we recently enabled Ender pearls in the WarZone, however this has caused some issues with people being able to spam them despite a 5 second cooldown.

As of now, Ender pearl cooldown has been adjusted within WarZone from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. They will continue to have a 5 second cooldown everywhere else.