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by RXIAH at 5:07 PM
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Our first event as Admins will be an LMS event, we wanted to find something unique and fun that has never been done on Minelink before and we hope you enjoy it and many more to come.

When: 18th March 10PM GMT


Where: /Warp LMS will be available to you when it starts.

Information: At approximately 10PM GMT all players who wish to participate in the event will use /warp lms to teleport to the arena. After doing so we'll acquire you with a kit that you will only get once. You will not be able to use any commands once you're in the arena. When everyone is ready we'll start the countdown and release everyone into the arena. The aim of the game is to be the last man standing.

by Byteflux at 8:29 PM
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For a long time now, Minelink has been held back by the fact that all of the administrative burden was placed on RagingDouche and myself, which left me with very little time to get any meaningful features developed. The result of this handicap was boring, uneventful maps with mediocre changelogs. That all ends today.

I'd like to welcome the following staff members into Minelink's newly formed admin team:
@Shrimpay, @Chancho, @RXIAH and @DrewFos.

Admins will work together to resolve issues, mediate policy and host community events such as PVP tournaments and raid events. They will have all the same permissions that I have, as such they are forbidden from playing competitively. Shrimpay will be leading the team as the Head Admin.

Those of you who really know these guys will understand the wisdom in this decision. For those who don't, I ask you to give them a chance, because I've known them all for a...
by Byteflux at 6:25 AM
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Hello Minelink!

It's been a while since you've heard anything official from me, I've been busy coding a bunch of stuff that I hope to bring to you guys very soon, so hang in there :)

I realize that season 3 has become rather stale and I am overwhelmed by the amount of support you guys show with your votes despite the stale map!

The top voters for February are as follows:


The top 3 will get the usual $50, $35 and $20 coupons. The top 4 through 10 will receive a $10 coupon. If you are a top voter, please start a forum convo with me in private to receive your coupon.

Again, thanks to everyone who voted, whether you are a top voter or not. We appreciate your votes!

That's it for now, but I promise to bring an announcement post regarding some exciting updates coming soon!
by Byteflux at 7:24 AM
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I'm sorry it took so long for this announcement. I was hoping that @RagingDouche would be able to find the time to do it, however, real-life issues prevent him from spending any more time on Minelink for a while. He's okay and you can expect to see him return when he's in a better place in regards to his real-life issues. No worries, though. I don't plan on going anywhere and I'll be right here to pick up on the slack and make sure everything is running smoothly. :)

Okay, let's get right down to it! The winner of the XBox One S giveaway is:

xCraftDaddy with a total of 267 tickets.

xCraftDaddy, if you're reading this, come talk to me to redeem your reward. If any of his friends or faction mates see this, please tell him to get in touch with me on the forums.

As Raging detailed in his video, for every purchase made between Dec 22 and Jan 1 (including those days) you have 1 ticket...
by Byteflux at 9:04 AM
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I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start and I also hope you're all enjoying season 3.

It's been a fun year, @RagingDouche and I are proud to have been able to be a part of this amazing community for yet another year and we look forward to seeing what the future will bring for Minelink!

I'd like to thank all of our December voters for supporting Minelink with your votes. It's thanks to you that we can continue to bring in new players on a daily basis.

The top 10 voters for December are as follows:


The top 3 voters in December (ODale1, @Arden2, @Ryan_the_10) will receive $50, $35, $20 in Buycraft credit.

If you are one of the top 3, send me a forum convo specifying what you would like to purchase from the store with your credit. Credit is applied to the full price of items, so stuff purchased with credit will not be discounted with sales.