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by Chancho at 11:52 PM
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Hello, Minelink! It's that time of the map!

No, no. Not that time of the map. It's time for ChanchoBowl XIV, or the fourteenth 1v1 tournament that I've hosted. I've been hosting these tournaments for nearly three years. In those three years, 206 participants have been in ChanchoBowl. 9 of those participants have won one or more tournaments.

Any players that want to be in this tournament can enter. The participant limit is 64 players. Do not enter on two accounts. Doing so will result in both accounts being disqualified. I supply the kit. As with every tournament, we have a custom arena made by our WONDERFUL build team. @Sav made this tournament's arena. Unlike last tournament, mcMMO will be disabled. ChanchoBowl usually lasts a few days, so don't expect it to be done in a few hours.

It starts at 6:00 pm EST on Saturday 9/30.
If this time doesn't work for you, since you're in a different timezone or have complications, there will still be some...
by Byteflux at 5:43 PM
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It's finally that time.

Reset will be on this upcoming Saturday, I know it's less than 6 days from now... we can't avoid that this time, but I do have some other good news with regards to our future reset schedules that I think most of you will agree with.

I wanted to quickly discuss how we plan to do resets in the future. First of all, beyond this reset, we plan to give a 2 week heads up for any new season. This will give us more time to circulate the reset announcement and trailer as well as build hype, hopefully leading to larger resets.

Together with the admin team, I've managed to draw up a complete reset schedule for Minelink from now until the end of next year. This means the reset date of every upcoming Minelink season is now predetermined way ahead of time and we plan to stick by that schedule as best we can.

Our reset schedule limits the lifespan of each season to...
by Byteflux at 5:52 PM
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Long time no update. It's a new month and we still haven't announced the top voters from July so I'm here to quickly do that as well as announce some other small updates and one regrettable piece of news, but first, I'm proud to announce the top voters for July 2017:


Thanks to everyone who voted, especially to all of you who vote on a daily basis. As our appreciation, the top voters for July will receive the usual compensation in Buycraft credit:
  1. $50
  2. $35
  3. $20
All the remaining top voters will receive $10 in Buycraft credit.

If you are one of the top voters mentioned above, please send me a PM on the forums to redeem your credit. Please remember that all Buycraft credit from voting applies only to the full price and not the sale price.

Season 5...
by RXIAH at 8:31 PM
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Hello, Minelink it's that time of the month! No no... not that time of the month. I know you guys haven't had that many events this reset, and we apologize for that. We have just been busy with a number of things but better late than never! I chose a raid event as I felt the cannoning and raiding aspect of this map is little dry and thought this will spice it up a little. Just because your faction are not the ones to breach the base, doesn't mean you can't snag the loot, so even if you don't have a cannon, don't be shy to turn up and contest!

When?: This event will take place at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST on the 6th of August

Where?: This event will take place in another world on /factions that you will have access to warp to.

Extra Information: The base will consist of 60 walls in total, varying from filters to sand walls. There will be the main base, and 4 smaller loot vaults around the...
by Byteflux at 9:50 AM
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Just checking in with another update. I'm proud to finally announce the release of Supply Drop, some long overdue Token Shop updates and a bunch of welcoming changes to our rules :)

Supply Drop

So, first off, Supply Drop. You've all been waiting for this for a lot longer than you should have been, but it's finally here. I wanted to make sure our version of this event wasn't something boring you can find on most other servers, so we put a lot of work into realizing our own vision of Supply Drop.

Supply Drop runs once every 4 hours and broadcasts a 15 minute countdown announcement which includes the coordinates to the location of where the drop will be. The Supply Drop spawns as a chest item at a random location in wilderness, somewhere between y100-200. This item, like any other item, will fall to the ground unless there's someone or something there to catch it.

Claiming in the Supply Drop chunk or any...