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  1. Kitteh99
    Kitteh99 holazach
    cha cha reel smooth yall
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  2. Aske Emil
  3. paqi
    γσυ'rε gαγ =) υωυ
  4. Brage Slapgårt
    Brage Slapgårt Aigar
    I never got the Legendary keys after buying them, I've now waited about 50 min. what can I do?
    1. porshe856
      Jun 14, 2019 at 7:03 PM
  5. Val XB-70
    Val XB-70 porshe856
    have an awesome birthday
    1. porshe856
      Thankyou :)
      Jun 13, 2019 at 10:30 PM
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  6. Jeffrey bristow
    Jeffrey bristow
    got banned on my first day. my bad.
  7. Fliqqa
    Sitting here waiting for shit that will never happen to happen.
  8. shushhh
    might be quitting
  9. Zexmus
    YOo banned for using my vr yoo
  10. BBL_minecraft
  11. BBL_minecraft
    BBL_minecraft Aigar
    Hi Aigar! This server is very very good and beautyful! But here is a hacker and wicker player: TheEnderMan912. He used hack client in PvP (he hit me in 5 blocks away ?!) And he tp my island and loot my chest. I don't know but he can break blocks in my island and he can lott my chest.
    Please help me! He stole for me 4 skeleton spawners.
    1. porshe856
  12. Future_Nova
    Future_Nova DrewFos
    we need to talk i think this guy is hacking cause hes hitting me far away and i lost 2 god sets
    1. porshe856
  13. UDcrusher
    UDcrusher AJHandler
    I have a problem made a ban appeal and a nother staff replied on it and he dint understand what I did which was not butterfly clicking and I cannot get a hold of him in any way I tried on forms where I can’t reply nor privet mash him and I @ him on discord
  14. Taco
    Taco Aigar
    Heyo Aigar! if you see this well... I love your server!! <3
  15. Mystical_Fart
    Hi im mystical_Fart and i like to play this game and im new here so yea! :)
  16. MoShI13.
    MoShI13. Aigar
    I was recently banned on the forums for a “troll application” I didn’t mean to come off that way I was trying to not be boring but get to the point. I’m not the type of person that’d do that and it’s out place for who I actually am. Anyways have a good night/morning/afternoon Shoot me a message I’d like to clear my name a little -iSenorSkillz (friends account)
    1. porshe856
      Jun 6, 2019
  17. Jonnnnnnn
    You make a loop de loop and pull, and your shoes are lookin' cool
  18. Val XB-70
    Val XB-70
    Youtube is FULL of MrBeast clones. Ex: Morgz
  19. frostdragon88
    just started playing really love the sever
  20. Finao_
    Finao_ Slxteen
    you muted me for speaking Spanish and your a good man for that I love you and I was gonna break your rules for being muted by writing on a sign but you wouldn't tpa and I got temp banned for a month buy a mod so thank I love you 3000 daddy.