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  1. AssassinOps43
  2. Awtizm
    Awtizm AsianDude1
    Hey, i made a claim request on the forums. My IGN is Awtizm can you please review it for me, if not that that is totally fine i will wait.
  3. ryanplazstuuff
    ryanplazstuuff izzywills
    hey could you look at my appeal, I know that there is a process for this stuff but it really sucks being banned when i know i shouldn't be. thanks!
  4. ryanplazstuuff
    ryanplazstuuff SlyHaze
    hey any chance you could look at my appeal... I know that there is a process and stuff but it really sucks being banned when i know i shouldn't be. Ty!
  5. JoeyC9
    Bruh momento
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  6. Lachlan
    Uhhhh my real name is Lachlan But i am OGMinecraftGamer xDDDD
  7. Howard_alien
  8. TakeTheLL9
    I'm leaving Minelink
  9. ThreeBoy3
    RevengePvP on top
  10. ryanplazstuuff
    ryanplazstuuff CullanP
    hey, ik you probs get this a lot but could you look at my appeal? im kinda pissed bc i wasnt hacking and i wasnt even grinding that fast
  11. iShatterz
    Youtube is fun!
  12. JoeyC9
    FtM life
  13. Claudius_drusus
    Gaming For Society
  14. swark
    swark AsianDude1
    hi whuld you bi kind and lock ower my ban appeal? thx allot in advance <3
  15. swark
    swark Sav
    hi whuld you be a kind pourson and lock over my bann appeal. thx allot inj advanse
  16. Martioxus
    Martioxus Twizle
    When is f top value ending?
  17. iOriginallyy
    Finally getting unbanned after 3 months holyyyyyy
  18. Thestar21
    I am a guy!
  19. Exras
    Back On Minelink 20 years of age 1.6k subs on YouTube 781 followers on twitch now LFG!
  20. Thestar21
    Thestar21 Twizle
    That's dumb, it's not like actually saying it. It's just describing what Word it was.

    Anyways, i just wanted to say this, as a quick thing, in case off you haven't been reading this text before.