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  1. thee_spyder
    thee_spyder AsianDude1
    is the server down or is it just me not being able to join?
  2. thee_spyder
    thee_spyder UsingAura
    hey, is the server not working or is it just me?
  3. ClassyEndie
    ClassyEndie Sav
    Hey. Would should catch up. Wanna riminess memories together. Discord: ClassyEnding#8908
  4. ClassyEndie
    ClassyEndie UsingAura
    Hey hey <3 I hope life is treating you well. Would like to catch up if you are willing. Discord: ClassyEnding#8908
  5. ClassyEndie
    Well holy sh*t time has passed. Any of yall wanna catch up? Previously known as EnderKing167 if that helps jog memory
  6. ClassyEndie
    ClassyEndie evilninja2012
    Remember me Evil? EnderKing167. I'm glad you still write here every so often. I truly hold ML in a special place in my heart. I miss the days of all of us grinding away mutually. We should talk soon. Add me on discord: ClassyEnding#8908. Wanna catch up
  7. RepTiger
    Its crazy how you can miss people, When the People you miss did everything to destroy what you built up. RIP ML
  8. satoru_kun
    satoru_kun Wazez
    ayo unban me.... plz
  9. sirakhun
    hi every one
  10. BillyGoatNinja
    BillyGoatNinja Wazez
    Would like to purchase the server from you. What would it take? I am aware you have another more profitable server and I would like to just restore this server I came to love. If you get on and see this, send any info to the email I have registered through here.
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    2. RepTiger
      Hi. very curious if you get an answer to that, I myself am interested in it being bought and revived, if you are interested and need financial help to succeed so tell me. good luck.
      Jun 10, 2021
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    3. BillyGoatNinja
      So far no contact.... have tried his email, reaching out to him through his new server and everything... I will continue to try and reach out to him. I used to be staff here and hate seeing it so dead.
      Aug 26, 2021
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  11. BillyGoatNinja
    BillyGoatNinja AsianDude1
    Asian, not sure if you remember me but I used to be on here with you ages ago. Came back and seen the server is dead. Wanted to see about getting into contact with Wazez to see what he would want to sell it. Send him my info and have him get in touch with me.
  12. Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott Wazez
    Hey I was banned on factions for auto clicker. can i get a unban. i wont use it again. Giddy_hola
  13. STAzuolas_YT
    I'm DREAM 2#
  14. nerdyjerk
  15. evilninja2012
    evilninja2012 Sav
    congrats on event coordinator
  16. Lyssa120
    1. evilninja2012
      Mar 5, 2021
  17. Lyssa120
    Lyssa120 nerdyjerk
    hello nerdy!
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    2. Lyssa120
      Mar 7, 2021
    3. nerdyjerk
      go away pls
      Mar 7, 2021
    4. Lyssa120
      Mar 7, 2021
  18. caspercon12345
    caspercon12345 Wazez
    hi Wazez I've been having some problems logging in, it keeps saying encrypting then after 30 seconds it times out, but it was working fine last night, I don't know what to do so I just wonted to see if you had any idea thanks.
  19. satoru_kun
    satoru_kun Wazez
    ayo can i get unban ?
  20. cock
    cock AsianDude1
    hi penguin