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Aug 14, 2020
Jun 1, 2016
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There are no brakes on the rules train May 13, 2017

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Aug 14, 2020
    1. trickster32123
      I was wondering if you could come online and fix something. I had trusted someone on the server named Fire_Boy246 because they had been a huge help in getting me started, however he then went and locked my chests so I was wondering if you could help me with that. my cords are 177/ 99/ -1335
    2. TheOnlyLegalMex
      Whats the point of being an Admin if u reset stuff late.
      1. Slxteen
        He has almost no power to decide when bugs and features are sorted out, be patient and wait for it so the season is better next go around.
        Jul 3, 2019
    3. TheOnlyLegalMex
      When is skyblock server gonna reset
      1. Slxteen
        Stop asking staff about this question on there message board please.
        Jul 2, 2019
      2. TheOnlyLegalMex
        Well they better do something about it. People are tired of waiting.
        Jul 2, 2019
    4. Frank
      Hi Scub, you might have seen my post to Aigar... My island has been griefed, and im wondering if you can come and roll it back. The island member was banned, but RblsBoygone wasnt there to kick him. He griefed lots of our spawners and chests. Later i came back on to find him griefing. Add me on discord and dm me please, Joycebartfrank#3470 or join my discord?
      1. porshe856
        No need to spam admin profiles. Your report will be looked into when they have time
        Apr 3, 2019
    5. Syxez
      Scub i need your help can u come to my plot in OpPrison?
      1. porshe856
        Your be better of asking a online staff member then a offline one
        Jul 16, 2018
    6. Dj_Skeletron
      help skyblock and op skyblock are offline online glitched and I think its ddos I don't know what a ddos is but pls help
    7. DanielleIsStupido
      Hi I got banned for supposedly hacking on OPPvP!!! I don't hack nor do I have any hacks on. Like I want the proof of me "hacking" and I also WANT to speak with the person who banned me. My username is DanielleIsKarma. Please unban me I did nothing wrong.
    8. Polywong
      can you fix cauldrons on diamond and remove ezkiddos points look at f wealth and hover over them
    9. milanuno
      hello scub i am milanuno and i had on skyblock ice 100 k and i keeped my minecraft on and go afk for like 10 hours when i were asleep when i came back i had only 10 money accept for 100 k i dont know what happend but can i get my money back? tank you for your time te read milanuno
    10. ColorfulStain
    11. CoolPikachuTRO
      i got banned from anti cheat
    12. CoolPikachuTRO
      my discord is CoolPikachuTRO#0535
    13. CoolPikachuTRO
      scub i got banned 16 hours ago an idk what was the reason on skyblock i just jitter click while placing block
      i never went into pvp plz help me or unban me

    14. Defiant7
      my birthday is wrong on my profile, how can i change it?
    15. DragonshireX
      Do you know when Op factions will be released?
    16. Scottydoo36
      hey uhh I bought a rank titan for factions dream and Ive been waiting for like a week for it so I'm kinda sad LOL pls halp
    17. Fatal_HD
      His name is comaminecraft and he has killed me multiple time. I cant hit him because he blocks hits, crits and uses his kill aura. . this hacker was on: Nov 12, 2017, 1:41 pm EST and he has killed multiple people. For proof, i have eyewitnesses: Daliawo. Ther are more but they quit. please sort this issue out thank you -Fatal_HD Also have a screen shot that no staffs are on
    18. Kyujin
      Can I get my 250K money back, or get the pickaxe from him? He also made fun of me, saying that "I can make 250K in two-minutes, you peasant."
    19. Kyujin
      But then, when I required him to give me the pickaxe, he started to decline, saying that the admin said that scamming is not against the rules. I have chat screenshots about him. He also said that he is going to move all of his items before he gets banned from the server.
    20. Kyujin
      Hello, Scub. I am SimplyPoolPoshy, in OPFactions. Today, the user named "loganbruyo" scammed me and he also admitted that. I wanted a new good pickaxe, and he contacted me. He said that he can sell a good pickaxe for 250K, so I paid him first.
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