2.11.2 | Kill Streaks and Disguises

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    2.11.2 | Kill Streaks and Disguises

    Kill Streaks
    Kill Streaks have been added to Factions, Survival and SkyBlock.
    The new system allows you to track your killstreak, earn rewards when reaching certain killstreaks and then claim them later with a command (this way you dont get the items while in battle).

    Killstreaks reset when you die.

    Check out the commands below:

    • /killstreak - See your current killstreak and killstreak record
      • [​IMG]
    • /killstreak rewards - See all killstreak rewards.
      • You can even unlock a new /tag when reaching the highest killstreak
      • [​IMG]
    • /killstreak claim - Claim rewards you've earnt from reaching killstreak milestones.
    • /killstreak top - View the killstreaks leaderboard
      • [​IMG]
    There are now 30 disguises to collect. They will be added individually to earn through crates, shop items, quests, rank perks, monthly crates, special bundles etc. If you don't want to wait or want them all immediately you can get all the disguises at store.minelink.net

    The disguises are split into 3 tiers.

    • Common Dsguise Pack
      • Pig
      • Chicken
      • Sheep
      • Cow
      • Rabbit
      • Horse
      • Spider
      • Zombie
      • Skeleton
      • Creeper
    • Elite Disguise Pack
      • Ocelot
      • Mushroom Cow
      • Villager
      • Wolf
      • Donkey
      • Squid
      • Cave Spider
      • Enderman
      • Blaze
      • Witch
    • Legendary Disguise Pack
      • Bat
      • Silverfish
      • Endermite
      • Slime
      • Magmacube
      • Zombie Pigman
      • Zombie Villager
      • Irongolem
      • Guardian
      • Elder Guardian
    To enable a disguise, use /disguise (mobname)
    To undisguise, type /undisguise

    You can get the Chicken Disguise for 7 days on Survival and SkyBlock from the /shop

    • [​IMG]
    Other Changes
    • [Skyblock|Survival] Buffed /kit member
    • [Global] You can see other players balance with /bal (name)
    • [Global] Added a /pets gui to see pets available
    • [Skyblock|Survival] Fixed zombiepigman change spawner cost
    • [PvP] Disabled /ekit during combat
    • [PvP] Starter kits have been buffed (from Gold to Iron)
    • [PvP] Tempest, Bandit, Warrior and Archer kit armor has been nerfed
    • [PvP] Fixed certain crate rewards not working
    • [PvP] Blocked /trash, /disposal, /rubbish in combat
    • [PvP] The bandit rank now has /back as described
    • [Factions/OPFactions] Fall damage in duels is now disabled
    • [Prison] Reduced EXP required to level up /skills from 100Lvls to 25Lvls
    • [Prison] Increased hopper item transfer amount
    • [Prison|SkyBlock] Generators will no longer spam/notify you when they are full.
    • [Global] Fixed not being able to obtain masks from crates
    • [Global] You can now display custom enchants and masks with [item]
    • [Global] Masks can no longer be placed on the ground
    • [Prison] /mail command is now enabled and working properly
    • [Global] /setcolor will now be saved and kept after reboots
    • [SkyBlock] Island owners can now set their Island Paypal for /is top payouts with /is setpaypal (paypal email)
    • [SkyBlock] Fixed auction limit for the Wizard rank
    • [Prison] Voting now rewards you 1500 EXP
    • [PvP] /drepair can no longer be used in combat
    • [SkyBlock] Trusted members can now break armorstands
    • [SkyBlock] Hurting Monsters toggle in /is settings works properly now
    • [Survival] Claiming land now only works in the main world and not in the plot world or resources world.
    • [Store] November Monthly Crate available - https://store.minelink.net
    • [Global] Factions Server Reset - Full Changelog - https://minelink.net/threads/2-11-1-november-2019-factions-reset.17659/
    • [Factions] You can now preview kits with /kp (kit name)
    • [Global] Crates will now go to your /claimbox if your inventory is full
    • [Global] Autosmelt is now compatible wiht the drill enchant/pickaxe
    • [Store] Disguise packs now available - https://store.minelink.net/category/1073004
    • [SkyBlock|Survival] You can now buy the chicken disguise for 7 days from the /shop
    • [Global] Added /killstreaks - Earn rewards when reaching killstreak milestones!

    Post bugs and issues here: https://minelink.net/forums/bugs-and-issues.9/
    Post suggestions here: https://minelink.net/forums/suggestions.91/
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    +1 Amazing suggestion by wazez
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    Great new features!
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    I like the kill streak, makes PvP more interesting!
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