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    What is your suggestion?: Buff prismarine meta in the form of lower spawner cost and/or 0.1-0.4 added onto the block value.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: Farming meta completely out-weighs everything else on skyblock (its still afk-able). Previously speaking to wazez about prismarine he said he would try make it into the meta atleast viable late game but the buffs given were just not enough or realistic.

    The big thing with the old meta that made it removed was "it was afkable" which in reality wasnt the case at all, you still had to spend hours a day world editting manually. Buffing prismarine is good because its a balance of afk and not. Yes you can afk the spawners, but u still have to go round with a wand and convert everything into prismarine bricks, then take them out of chests constantly, world edit them, then /home or /back to the chest and repeat. its not an afk process. Yes this is an easy process but doing it for 100s of dubs of levels just to compete with afk farming is horrible.

    Wazez you have my discord so u can ask me on there if u wish me to explain the prismarine vs farming meta more. i dont want to just rant about it in a suggestion post. But if you do the simple math behind it you can see it is unbalanced to the point of not worth it.
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