OPFactions Drill CE also combine with Shovels and Axes

Discussion in 'Rejected Suggestions' started by RacistTimmy, Sep 19, 2019.

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  1. RacistTimmy

    RacistTimmy Senior Member

    Nov 6, 2015
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    What is your suggestion?: Make the Drill CE work on all tools.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: Makes basework easier since if the Drill can mine all materials. From basework to mining, there is always one block we can't mine with a drill and the CE system on Gold/OPFacs doesn't allow you to get blocks mined with mining cobble for say, it doesn't get the wood or dirt and sand.
    Plugin link, if applicable:
  2. MommeG

    MommeG Member

    Jun 8, 2018
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    Would it be enough to add the morph ce, like on Survival ?
  3. Wazez

    Wazez Owner Staff Member Server Owner

    Oct 19, 2017
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    Thank you for submitting a suggestion
    We've looked at your idea and have decided to not implement it.

    This can be due to any of the following reasons:
    - The suggestion may be seen as unnecessary
    - The suggestion is too generic
    - The suggestion may not be agreed/supported by the majority of the community
    - The suggestion may cause an unbalance in the current network

    Feel free to post more suggestions at https://minelink.net/forums/suggestions.91/

    Suggestion Closed.
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