Factions Increase Buffer Claim to 30 Chunks

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RacistTimmy, Jan 6, 2020.

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    What is your suggestion?: Increase the buffer claim for the base and walls to where you got 30 chunks of walls, with a 12x12 chunked base. Cannons now a days can shoot any length imaginable, at any super speed like 2 seconds a wall, defenses like anti-nuke sand walls slow them down if they are going low, but people can rush through that, if no one is defending, it should increase time by a little for the cannoner but if they are on, it gives them more space to patch in places and people would be happy with that.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: It would make the server better because the raiding experience would be just a little more work, it would give people who do a small base more chunks for walls. The overall corner claim would be 42x42 if people are wondering.
    Plugin link, if applicable:
    Extra Notes: This suggestion is for the future maps of Minelink.

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