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    What is your suggestion?: Make a rule so that factions that plan on raiding, their cannons cannot shoot further than 2k blocks from a faction's last wall. It sounds a little too much, but factions on Minelink has come to the point that people are going 6k blocks away to raid a base, even that sounds rediculus, if people plan it right, good for them but if everyone can only shoot within 2k blocks, that would keep defending and counter cannoning possible.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: Raiding is annoying, when you go to look for the cannon that you need to counter, you need to fly all the way to where it could be, 14kt has done this a few times since they've played, going 4-6k blocks out, very annoying, people have to fly there, many don't have the top rank or the wilderness fly perm.
    Plugin link, if applicable:
    Extra Notes: This suggestion is for the future maps of Minelink.
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    -1, change 1k to 2k or 3k blocks out and id +1

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