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    What is your suggestion?: Make it not allowed for a faction to claim land after the gap, and no alt faction or ally/truced faction to claim them either, it should just be open wilderness land for raid claims.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: The second buffer which some and myself have called them is land a faction can claim after the 10 chunk wide gap, and it's essentially a full base claim depending by their situation whether they are a border base or a 4 sided base. People use the land as a buffer zone to push raiding back and have areas to counter behind that's claimed creating more work for the raider. Only a few factions on Minelink have used this to their advantage, many others think it's not allowed because major servers today do not allow any factions to claim past their main base/walls claim and they have made reports on people who do and got no response that makes sense to them.
    Plugin link, if applicable:
    Extra Notes: So this is what any faction can do during the grace period, 14kt were the first to discover this mostly, it didn't make sense unless during grace. https://gyazo.com/e0635d52379c2d3fdf8faaf693e305b1 The white chunked grided area represents the main faction, then the purple chunked grided area is an ally alt faction, and finally the magenta chunked grided area is land you can only claim during grace with an alt faction not that's allied but can be truced and or nuetraled. Many people I have come across see this and believe this is not allowed because their experience from other faction servers, this is stupid, people can use this to make the raider do more work towards more counters to take out, more walls to go through if they raid further back unless my other suggestion is implemented.
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    +1 this should not be a thing i am surprised it has not been removed at this point
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    +1 dont think its rly fair to have multiple buffers. should just be your main claim. Cant really limit your buffer to a certain amount of chunks but then just say "yea u can use alt facs to get another x number chunk buffer ontop of it"
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    +1 shouldn't be a thing

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