Global Titles system from Factions Diamond/Cannon going Global

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RacistTimmy, Dec 8, 2018.

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    What is your suggestion?: The titles system that exists on Factions Diamond/Cannon should be brought to the entire server globally. So for example, if you are staff, you go on to all servers, you would have the option to hide or select whether you show up as staff in chat.
    How would the suggestion make the server better?: It make's people's lives easier knowing what rank they currently are when they are staff. Edmonster07 was on Factions Diamond and he wanted to know which rank he was other than Mod, he changes his title and sees that he is a Duelist and Sponser, he can switch to those, and then go back, It is pretty useful for staff so why not bring it globally just for them. But wait the server can make money too, have buyable titles in the buycraft that tie with this /titles command would be great, it works perfectly since you can still know which rank you are and you can see what titles you have available to change to.
    Plugin link, if applicable: You have the plugin on Factions Diamond/Cannon, try making it inter-gradable globally.
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    I only see this useful being added to PvP servers to hide the fact you are staff from hackers. I don't think any staff on a nonPvP based server should have the ability to hide their staff rank
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    Completely agree, on factions and other pvp servers its only useful so the hackers don't immediately turn off their hacks. Although that is what we have vanish for on the kit pvp servers. I think it's just fine how it is currently, there's no real point in hiding our staff rank from players on survival or skyblock or prison. Basically the whole point is so players can hit TAB and know who to come to for help if need be, if all the staff are hiding their tags then not only does it look a bit unprofessional but it could also confuse newer players as well.

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