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  1. Slxteen

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    Dec 24, 2017
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    Its easier to have this than to tell people every time the same thing over and over, so I'm going to make this and it should answer all of your questions

    Island commands
    first time you use /is- takes you to island selection screen. Allows you to pick your starter island
    /is or /is home- Takes you back to your island
    /is upgrades- shows you the page where you can find multiple upgrades for your island

    GUI once you open up is upgrades

    /is trust [username]-Allows the person to edit your island, access chest, open doors, go through nether portal, basic things.
    /is coop [name]- Same thing but permanent, until you uncoop them with you guessed it /is uncoop [name]
    /is invite [name]- invites user to join your island. These are the people who you will work with to achieve your teams main goal, whether that is baltop, istop, or just having a good time!
    /is tc- allows you to talk with members of your island, and no one else /is tc again to leave the chat

    Miscellaneous commands
    /msg [player]- allows you to privately message a player, without the prying eyes of others.
    /party- gives you info on the party mechanic, won't explain here, as it is already explained quite well
    /warp pvp- Takes you to warp pvp, where you can duke it out with other players
    /spawn- takes you to skyblocks spawn. Pretty good, solid 9.5/10
    /flytime- each time you vote, you get 10 minutes of fly time, along with other cool rewards! If you don't know where to do that, click here
    /crates, takes you to where you can open up crates using crate keys, you also get these from voting
    /drepair- fixes items, for a price
    /ah sell [price]- sells the item in your hand for the price on the server auction house.
    /ah- takes you to the auction house page.

    Rank Commands
    These are the ones that matter the most. Not saying others don't, just these are more important than others
    /heal- fills your health bar right back up
    /feed- fills up your hunger
    /god- You can't die and don't loose hunger at all. Alpha Minecraft with buffs
    /craft- opens up a crafting table on the fly
    /spawner change [mob name] - changes your spawner to anything besides iron golems for half price
    /ec - opens up your enderchest
    /pv 1,2,3 - Opens up a vault with the space of a double chest. Extra storage, basically a larger enderchest with no physical block
    /fix- fixes the item in your hand for free
    /near - see players near you and how far away they are from you
    /fix all - fixes everything in your inventory for free
    /reclaim - gets you the money from your reclaim, changes based off your rank
    /condense- changes ingot to blocks. For example, 9 iron ingots become one iron block.

    World Edit Commands

    //wand- use when you have a wooden axe in your hand, you now have the tool to use world edit. Don't have access to world edit? The link to buy it is right here!
    Right click one block, and left click the other to set the location of where you want blocks placed
    //set [block] - Places a specific block. you can use block id or what the block is called. Does not work on ores

    Those are all the commands you need to know to efficently play skyblock. Once you get the hang of these, it should be a breeze!

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  2. Masela

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    or do /is help
  3. Taco

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    May 7, 2019
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    I'd like to add for those who don't like the GUI when you do /is you can do /is cp off to turn off the GUI and just do /is to go to your island spawn point
  4. Twizle

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    Oct 24, 2017
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    Just do /is go or /is home
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